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Imagine if you felt SO confident in your discovery calls that you were able to get fully booked with dreamy clients..

You've been posting consistently and networking...
and now it's all paying off, because you are getting enquiries!

People are interesting in working with you, YES YOU! 

  • But you’re starting to feel a bit nervous.. you’re not sure how to lead the call or what the hell you’re going to do when it’s time to discuss your pricing.

  • It feels like the pressure is on and now you’re second-guessing everything.. “am I charging too much?”, “am I offering enough?” “am I experienced enough?”

  • You don’t have time (or patience) to sit in another discovery call only to realise that this is a 🚩 client.. and your precious time could be better spent working on your business or with dream clients!

  • You secretly hope that they don't show up to the call because you have no idea how to 'land' a client on the call and it the thought of it makes you feel uneasy.

    Don't worry, I got you...

And the next step is to turn these enquiries into paying clients...

  • How to land clients with a smooth discovery process that screams professionalism and confidence

  • My exact strategies on how to DIG DEEP and truly understand how your services impact your clients and how to discuss your pricing without breaking a sweat
  • Creating rituals to unlock your most confident self, so you spend the call connecting with the client.. and not worrying!

  • Overcoming the mindset blocks that are holding you back from getting yourself out there and landing clients

  • Tutorials to set up systems to impress your potential clients and help you track your leads

And an actionable workbook to start making moves towards being fully booked straight away!

In this free course, I’ll give you an insight into my discovery call process and how it’s helped me and my clients to land Virtual Assistant clients on discovery calls (with confidence) as well as:

What's included

7 value-packed training videos that teach you the framework to landing clients on discovery calls with confidence
Tech tutorials to show you how to set up your backend systems to impress potential clients
Actionable workbook to go deep & overcome mindset blocks, gain clarity around your clients & services, a detailed insight into my discovery call process and a checklist to help you set up your systems & filter out unaligned clients
Meditations and affirmations to support you in this process and help overcome limiting beliefs

  • Felt confident in your discovery calls - prepared and ready to take lead 

  • Had NO reservations about discussing your rates & prices because you understood the value of your services and the impact you are providing.

  • Magnetised clients with your smooth processes and confidence - getting them to say shout ‘TAKE ALL MY MONEY - I NEED TO WORK WITH YOU’

  • Got excited about getting on discovery calls because you can’t wait to explain to clients how you can help them at a deeper level and connect with them - not stressing or worrying about ‘closing the deal’ (but you close it anyway)

  • Spent less time on wasted discovery calls with red flag or unaligned clients and more time making money with dream clients 

Imagine if you...


In 2021, I launched my Virtual Assistant Business alongside my successful corporate job in Business Development. Within 4 months, I handed in my resignation to take my fully booked VA business full-time, with the mission to start feeling limitless in life.

Since, I’ve grown my VA business to consistent £5k months, I've hit five-figure sales month and I've left the UK on a one-way ticket to travel Asia.. I'm determined to see just how good life can get.

To date, I've empowered many VAs build and grow thriving businesses by sharing everything I’ve learned in my own success. So they, too, can unlock true freedom and feel limitless in life.

I started my VA journey for the same reasons as you, freedom & choice.

I'm Prab.

Hey there!

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